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3 Ways to Boost Summer Camp Revenue

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What amazing things could your camp do with additional $150K? Sponsor more campers? Build that new cabin? It’s a very situational question but, one thing I know for sure is that you can change more lives!

What if I told you there are three, easy to implement, ways to increase camp revenue that most camps aren’t using? Although we pioneered some of this, these aren’t super secret / revolutionary ideas, but for some reason, they are being overlooked by most camps in the U.S..

The 3 tactics to increase summer camp revenue

So what are the three ways to increase revenue at your camp? They are Name Drop T-Shirts, Special Event T-Shirts / Products, and Camper Packs. If you’re not doing these three things at your camp, continue reading and we will tell you what you need to know.

Name Drop T-Shirt Program

This is a product that can be used at different times of the year based on your camp’s model. It works best for rental camps or in the offseason for other camps. If you have different groups come out to your camp on a regular basis, this program is probably for you.

Image of a name drop t-shirt program design that is shown in four different color options as an example of how the program works.

How do Name Drop T-Shirts work?

You come up with one great design that will be used all year long. Each group is given the option to pre-order the t-shirts three weeks before they come to camp. The t-shirt design is modified by placing the group’s name into it and ordered so that it is at camp when the group arrives.

Why not just let groups find their own t-shirts?

  1. This is a service to the group that sets you apart from other camps.
  2. You get full control over your camp’s brand.
  3. You make $3-$5 on each t-shirt sold.
  4. It’s very little work on your end when you have a good t-shirt vendor.

Special Event T-Shirts / Products

At first glance, this one sounds like the Name Drop T-Shirt Program, but it’s not. The purpose of this tactic is to take events that you put on as a camp and look for unique ways to add value to your attendees for a small fee.

Examples of special event revenue opportunities

One of the camps we work with hosts an annual winter event. At that event, they sell hot chocolate, and for a little extra, one can purchase the collectible cup to drink the cocoa from. This is something you probably haven’t thought about, but don’t forget the more obvious opportunities. Do you put on a father / son event, scrapbooking retreat, or an alumni week?

Camper Packs

Of the three tactics, camper packs are probably the most underused and most profitable. When we came up with the idea, years ago, we had no idea how much revenue it would bring camps.

Image of a camper pack for Sky Ranch's Truckin' Thursday event. The pack includes a lunch box, trucker hat, toy truck, sweatbands, keychain, and luggage tag, all branded for Truckin' Thursday.
Image of a camper pack for Woodlands Camp. The pack includes a cinch pack, luggage tag, notebook, headlamp, and pen, all branded for Woodlands Camp.
Image of a camper pack for Pine Cove's commando theme. The camper pack includes a camo backpack, camo bucket hat, sports water bottle, camo face paint, flashlight, and camo notebook, all branded for Pine Cove Camps

What is a camper pack?

Simply put, camper packs are preassembled compilations of summer camp merchandise. They are 100% customizable based on your needs. Camps usually start by selecting a bag/pack, which is a product in and of itself, and then filling it with fun items that campers will use while at camp. Camper packs are often pre-sold to campers before they arrive at camp, and given to them at check-in. Most camps we work with offer 3 separate packs. This allows them to offer something that just about any camper will want.

How much can a camp make with camper packs?

This will range based on the size and demographics of your camp, but here’s what we’ve done for some of our camp clients.

  • Packs Purchased: 10,000
  • Wholesale Price: $15
  • Retail Price: $30
  • Additional Revenue: $150,000

You may not (yet) serve enough campers to each summer to order 10,000 camper packs. But could you sell 1,000 packs and make $15,000? What about 250 packs? That’s still an additional $3,750 that you could be investing back into your camp.

Get started with camper packs!

How can we help you?

Above all, we want you to be successful at camp and reach as many kids as possible. If we can be part of that by giving you this information, we’ve done our job. If you need help implementing a name drop t-shirt program, ordering special event t-shirts and products, or camper packs, contact us and we would be happy to help.

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