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2 New Tools for Summer Camp Store Buyers

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Working at camp is hard!

Our job is to make it easier for you.

We're coming up on another exciting, and busy, summer camp season. If you're like most full-time camp staff, you're frantically trying to do 27 jobs and get it all done before campers arrive (SOON).

We know the feeling. Because we've been there. We're camping people too.


In the 19 years, we've been providing summer camps with camp t-shirts and other camp store gear, we've focused on 3 things.

  • Designing and delivering cool camp t-shirts
  • Making a difference in peoples lives (Buy For Good)
  • Developing time-saving tools to help summer camp staff.

Time-Saving Tools

for camp staff

Today, I want to talk about the third item (Developing Tools for Camps).

We're excited about 2 new tools!

  • Camp Pack Builder (NEW)

    Rebuild from the ground up from camp staff feedback!

  • Camp T-Shirt Color Selector

    Save time and find the perfect t-shirt color

Camp Pack Builder

All new experience

Pine Cove camp packThree years ago, we launched an industry first summer camp pack builder. This tool made it easier than ever for a camp store buyer to select items for their camper pack.

This year, we took what we learned and rebuilt the camp pack tool from the ground up. Camp staff now have even more flexibility in selecting the best items for their pack.

What is a camp pack? Click if you don't know

We've also added prompts through the entire building process that guide you while making it fun and engaging.

Needless to say, we're pretty excited about the summer camp pack builder. With that said, we want to make it even better!

Here's the camp pack builder in action!

Try the pack builder now!

Is there something you would like to see the pack builder do?

let us know. We really value your feedback.

If you like our new camp pack builder but aren't quite ready for a full pack, you're going to love this next tool.

Camp T-Shirt Color Selector

Get Camp T-Shirts Faster

If you've ever ordered summer camp t-shirts (or any other for that matter) you know the following process all too well.

The old way...

  1. You pick a design and contact the company selling it for a proof.
  2. The colors aren't quite right so you ask them to show it in a different color.
  3. The next day you receive the second proof and it's close but still not quite right.
  4. A week later, after several rounds of revisions, they nail it and you place your order.

The scenario I've described above doesn't sound that bad right? It's not. In fact, it's a common routine in the camp t-shirt industry.

waiting to see color options like:

The NEW way...

What if that entire week could be given back to you? How many important things could you accomplish with your valuable and ever-fleeting time?

Let's imagine a slightly different scenario for a moment. This time, you find the perfect art for your summer camp t-shirt and all you have to do, as usual, is select the colors. But this time, all the popular colors are right there for you to look at and swap out!

With a single click, you can swap out the shirt color, or drag a slider to change the hue of the ink color.

Curious what it would look like in white or black ink? There's a button for that too.

Here's the camp design color selector in action!

Try the design color selector!

Try it now on all new designs!

This is no longer a store buyer fantasy, this feature is built right into each of our t-shirt design pages!

Once you've made the changes and have your t-shirt art just the way you like it, simply fill out the short form and we will provide a custom quote.

In Conclusion:

Both our new Summer Camp Pack Builder and the Camp T-Shirt Color Selecter are live and ready to be used! Each of our new designs for this year has the color selector feature built in. Click one of the buttons below and start using these great tools today!

Camp Pack Builder

Try out the new builder now!

Design Color Selector

Customize any design!

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