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by In Pursuit

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CampStoreGear.com is an extension of In Pursuit Promotions in Tyler, TX. This site is dedicated to providing summer camps with the t-shirts and other items for their camp stores and camper packs. We've been serving camps since 1999 and are excited to continue to do so with this new website!

Our Mission

In Pursuit exists to serve our customers with the finest in branded apparel, marketing products and custom design. We believe that by serving our customers with excellence and integrity, and by giving back to the world in need, we can help all involved not just buy, but BUY FOR GOOD. Selling t-shirts isn’t our biggest motivation, but selling t-shirts to change the world, now that’s something we get pumped about! So, let’s get together and make some good looking stuff that makes a difference!


In Pursuit History

In 1999, Jeff and Stefanie Bice were directing a summer camp in Texas. That year, Stefanie had the idea to create her own Christmas ornament for friends and family. The process of sourcing the product led to a side business selling promotional products. A few years later, they moved to Tyler, TX for a new ministry opportunity at an East TX summer camp. In order to make this new position work, they needed to turn this side business into something larger. In no time at all, In Pursuit became a thriving business serving a wide range of businesses, camps, schools and other ministries. In 2014, they decided to make a huge leap and purchase a dedicated office building in Tyler. Up to this point, In Pursuit had been run out of their home. They purchased a rundown home, worked hard to restore and rezone the property and moved the business there. Coming from a home based business, It was important to Stefanie that the office feels like home to her and clients. Now, with the space to expand even further, In Pursuit is primed and ready for whatever God has planned next

Our Team

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Stefanie Bice



Jeff Bice



Sydney Wilson


Operations Coordinator

The Bice Family

Jeff and Stefanie Bice are the owners of In Pursuit. They met as camp counselors and, true story, the flames of their summer camp romance never died out! They married and started in ministry together at a camp in Ohio. All these years later they have three amazing teenagers, Joshua, Alexandra and Maddie, who keep them up-to-date on what’s cool! The kids have become experts at making camp packs, tagging shirts and shipping boxes through UPS! Stefanie runs the business and keeps the vision in front of their staff team. Jeff works full time for Bethel Bible Church in Tyler as the Mission’s Pastor, but you can still find him around the office working to keep things in order. He also helps with the financial side of things as well. When we say family business, we really mean it!

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Our process.

How we work from beginning to end.


We start by learning about your campers and what they want from camp merchandise.


Bring us your summer camp t-shirt design ideas or let us start from scratch.


We source the best production facilities for your job and stand behind their work 100%!


We understand that quick delivery is a big deal, so we get your product shipped ASAP.